Deck Maintenance

Now that we have had a few nice days (I forgot how GOOD 70° feels!), we are feeling refreshed and ready to get through the rest of the winter.   This warmer weather got us thinking about what we need to do to get ready for spring and summer, and deck maintenance is on the top of our list!

The deck is in extension of your living space that, when the weather is right (and bugs are at bay), can be used as much as your indoor spaces.  We relax, cook, eat, and socialize on our decks.  They are meant for peace and relaxation, and in our busy lives, they give us a means to be a part of nature.  It is just as important for us to pay attention to the structure and safety of our outdoor living spaces as it is for our indoor spaces. 

This homeowner called us when he noticed a bow in the landing on his deck.  Needless to say, we found some problems. 

While we were not able to determine what caused the rot in this pressure treated wood, we were able to replace the damaged wood and repair the stairs without turning it into a huge project. 

As long as you are paying attention, and call us when you first notice a problem, we can get it fixed before a small problems turns into something bigger. 

To help prolong the life of your wood deck, some basic deck maintenance tips are:

·      Regular inspections – every year or two, remove all furniture from your deck, sweep it off, and check for any loose boards or popped nails.

·      Wash – once you have the area cleared, this is a great time to grab either a strong garden hose nozzle or a power washer and your deck cleaner of choice.  When doing this step, it is important to be mindful of the cleaning solution that you are using, the type of wood your deck is made of, and any plants that could be effected (bleach based cleaners and plants are generally a bad combination).

·      Stain & seal – There are many 2-in-1 product options to make this a singular step.  It can be applied with a roller, paint brush, or a paint sprayer (if you choose this option, just make sure you don’t do it on a windy day).

If you take care of your home, it will take care of you, but sometimes things out of your control can happen.  That is what we are here for. 

Think warm thoughts and spring will be here before you know it!