Remain's only Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is 3 days away, you have 20 people coming over, and you have not yet begun to get your home ready!  Don’t panic!  This is familiar territory, we can help you through it.

Carpets & Upholstery – We have 4 dogs and 4 kids; I don’t think any further explanation is needed as to just how much we understand stinky surfaces.  If you are looking at this on Thursday morning, trying to figure out how to get rid of THAT smell, your best bet is to sprinkle on baking soda, let it sit for 20 minutes, and vacuum it up.  If you have some extra time, rent a carpet/upholstery cleaner from your local hardware or grocery store. 

Clean – I don’t mean full on clean; there’s no time for that!  Focus on these items:

Clutter – Get rid of what you can get rid of and put the rest where it belongs.  If I may pass along some personal experience, do not hide clutter in a cabinet…

Bathroom – Get some heavy-duty bathroom cleaner and go wild, or, as wild as you can go cleaning a bathroom.  Make sure you sweep and mop the floors, wipe down the trim, and if you have time, clean your bathroom rugs as instructed on the labels. 

Kitchen – If Thanksgiving is at your house that means there is big time cooking going on.   Unless you have figured out something that I have not , or are my Mom, your kitchen will not be spotless when guests arrive, however, it is important for them and you (and possibly the health dept.) that you at least start with a clean kitchen.  Here are the basics:           

  • Wipe down all counters & stove top

  • Scrub your sink

  • Sweep and mop the floor

  • If you have time – clean out the refrigerator

Living room -  Run through and do a quick pick-up.  Fluff pillows, run the vacuum, and dust any surfaces that need it.  If I may share another piece of personal experience, check the TV for strange markings and wipe them off (remember, 4 kids…stories to tell:/).

Toilet repairs - Let’s face it, the last thing you want on Thanksgiving (or really, any other time) is a toilet that is acting up.  Most of these repairs are fairly straightforward and not too time consuming.  Our old friend Bob Vila has some DIY instructions for some of the common problems you will find with toilets.

Leaky faucets – This one may not bother you too much in preparation for guests, but it is something you really don’t want to let go.  Bob Vila can walk you through this DIY as well:

Create reasonable expectations – This one might be most important.  Thanksgiving can be stressful.  Your house may not be perfect when guests start to arrive, and that is ok.  Prioritize your list and get done what you can.  If you forget to dust the ceiling fan and your spouse’s cousin notices and says something, oh well.  Enjoy the day, enjoy the people, have a cup of tea (or glass of wine), and serve one of the most important meals of the year with a heart full of love for the people you are sharing the day with and gratitude that you have this home to serve it in. 

We hope you all enjoy the season.  Happy Thanksgiving!