Freezing Pipes

Hopefully this isn’t news to you (and if it is news, you are doing something right…or you need to get out of the house), but it is COLD.  Not just regular cold, but the kind of cold that can be damaging to your home. 

We are hearing of reports of those in our local community with breaking heaters, and (GULP!) freezing pipes.  Here are a few tips to make sure everything keeps functioning the best it can in these conditions:

1.     Order your oil – For those with oil heat, check your oil levels and get that order called in.  Heaters are running on overtime, and your regularly scheduled delivery may need to be adjusted.

2.     Clear your vents - Make sure any exhaust vents are cleared and free from freeze. 

3.     Insulate those pipes - Scope out any pipes that could be in non-heated areas of your home (ex; crawl spaces) and get them insulated.  You can also purchase a cover for any outdoor faucets and get them covered. 

4.     Keep the water moving – leaving a slow drip in your faucets many not be great for your monthly water bill, but it will keep your water moving and may help prevent freezing. 

If you suspect pipes are already freezing and/or develop a leak, do not panic.  Turn your water off immediately and call your local plumber.  If you don’t have one that you regularly use, give us a call and we will help connect you with someone. 

Stay warm!